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Avocados & Wine From Chile

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History of Nation Fruits

Nation Fruits, was founded in 2019, with the initial mission of bringing fresh fruit to the main destinations, seeking the best link between production and distribution channels in different markets. Its objective has been to have fruit of excellent quality that reaches the main markets, developing a brand with traceability In accordance with the Company's policies, the Company is based on the commercialization of third-party fruit, consolidating its position in world markets with high-quality products according to the requirements and demands of our clients, streamlining packaging formats, cold and atmospheric treatments and maintaining a leading position in the latest generation fruit varieties The company has a high level of trust from our customers and producers, this has allowed us to adapt to the constant changes in the markets and to all the demands for quality, the environment and services, in an increasingly globalized world.



Wine Production

We are a company dedicated to the production of red and white wine in the central valley of Chile. We have a capacity of 1,000,000 liters, which allows us to offer high-quality products and meet the demands of our customers.” 🍷🇨🇱


Global Distribution

Our family business specializes in exporting Chilean wines worldwide. We work closely with our international partners to ensure efficient and timely distribution of our products. We take pride in representing the quality and winemaking tradition of Chile in the global market.


Client Focus

At Nation Fruits, we focus on long-term relationships, meeting all requested standards and quality requirements. We aim to provide our customers with the utmost convenience. Our goal is to streamline the purchasing process and ensure a satisfying experience for all our clients.

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About Avocado

The Super Fruit

The perfect Avocado to Import/Export

Fruit with an oil content of between 9-11% (or 23% of dry matter) tends to have a better postharvest duration than fruit harvested later, with a higher oil percentage between 13-14% (or dry matter 30-33%), when they come from well-balanced orchards in their management.

Some reasons why we recommend including avocado oil in your diet are:

It is rich in oleic acid (monounsaturated fat considered healthy).
It helps reduce cholesterol, hypertension and improves heart health.

It is high in lutein, a beneficial antioxidant for the eyes. Eating lutein helps reduce the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and degeneration of the macula, common in the elderly. Our body does not produce lutein naturally, so it is important to consume it through food.

It helps your body absorb nutrients. Some nutrients need fat for our body to absorb, including carotenoid antioxidants, which are found in many plant-based foods. The problem is that fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids are typically low in fat, so a little extra help falls great.

It helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

It can help prevent gum disease.

It improves the skin and the ability of our body to heal wounds.

Neutralizes free radicals that can lead you to develop type 2 diabetes and heart disease

About Hass Chilean Avocado

This is produced on fertile land at the foot of the Andes and is irrigated with water from the thaw of the mountain; while water and fertilizers reach the plantations through drip irrigation and micro-sprinkling, mostly. The production of Paltas, is one of the most technified in irrigation in Chile, which generates that its production is under the concern and efficiency of the use of natural resources. The main production area for the fruit is in the central region of the country, known as the Fifth Region.
Located on the west coast of South America, Chile is distinguished for being the longest and narrowest country on the planet, with 4,300 kilometers or 2,600 miles long, for only 180 kilometers or something more than 100 miles wide. The borders of the country are constituted by a desert, the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, which makes it virtually a phytosanitary island with very little incidence of agricultural pests. This implies that Chilean farmers do not need to use the amount of pesticides that are required in other regions.
Chilean farmers take pride in being at the forefront of good agricultural practices (GAP) procedures that are applied at every stage; from planting and harvesting, to storage and shipment, which allows them to maintain the highest standards in this industry. The Chilean Hass avocado has GAP international approval, which implies the highest level of approval in the world. Chilean producers also lead this industry in terms of the high percentage of use of equipment operated by batteries, such as tractors and cranes.


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